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Top 9 apps for small businesses

We’ve gathered 9 of the most useful apps on the market

We’ve developed apps for just about everything: budgets, shopping, map-reading, texting, posting, gaming – you name it, there’s an app for it.

Small business is no exception. We’ve gathered 9 of the most useful apps on the market, which streamline everything from taking payments to keeping accounts.

Research shows that about half of taxpayers don’t know how much tax they’re paying each year. CalCal’s a handy (and free) app that can generate invoices, prefill self-assessments and estimate your tax payments.

For a more upmarket digital accountant, try Quickbooks. Quickbooks comes with cloud accounting software, VAT tracking, payroll management and a whole lot more. There’s different options depending on the size of your business – and if you’ve been managing all your accounts yourself, it can save you a lot of time.

PayPal’s the biggest payment provider, and one of the best. It even comes with a free package that’ll let you take credit and debit card payments and test out the app.

SagePay’s a strong contender for the best payment app – it does online, phone and face-to-face, comes with fraud screening and connects to your e-commerce site. They have 24/7 customer support and good ratings – but their packages can be a little pricey for some.

Evernote’s an amazing app for creating notes on-the-go. There’s a free, generic version of the software that anyone can use, as well as business versions with tiered pricing. Evernote will sync its notes across all your devices, making it a perfect repository for passwords, contacts, to-do lists and the like.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense to-do list, Clear has one of the best designs out there. You can pinch, swipe and pull your lists together in ways lesser productivity apps can only dream of. Dispensing with your usual check boxes and bullet points, everything you need to do can be done with hand gestures, which Clear will accentuate with automatic colour coding, sound effects and rearrangements.

A highly rated CRM app, Nimble’s main selling point is its ability to integrate information you have on your customers with details automatically gathered from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You get instant access to a lot more info on your contacts than you normally would, and it saves a lot of time you’d normally spend on data entry.

Winner of “Best App of the Year” in 2014 and 2015, Desk is a great app for writing and blogging. It’s a totally distraction-free interface, featuring a Typewriter Mode and a streamlined editing and publishing process. A great app if you’re struggling to produce enough content to drive traffic to your site.

Of course, if you don’t want to clutter up your phone menus with dozens of apps, you can always just stick to Google. Signing up (for free) to a Google account gets you onto Google Drive, which comes with word processing, spreadsheets, file sharing and much more. Everything integrates seamlessly across devices, and you can even simultaneously edit files with your colleagues.

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