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What are the benefits of a SIM only mobile deal?

Why should you change your handset, if you don’t want to?

Many people love their existing handset – and why should you change it, if you don’t want to? That’s where SIM only deals come in.

A lot of people prefer a shorter, more flexible mobile contract, and a cheaper monthly tariff is considered more desirable than getting hold of the latest handset.

In such cases, SIM only deals emerge as the most suitable choice.

Less commitment

You don’t have to commit to a 24-month contract when it comes to SIM only deals.

At XLN, we offer 30 day contracts – you can change your deal at any time. You’re able to change your tariff more often, tailoring it to your requirements, rather than finding you have too much data or minutes left over.

Less expensive

Because you’re paying for just the SIM card and accompanying tariff, there’s no mobile phone cost to factor into your monthly bill.

So, in other words, the same amount of minutes and data will cost less on a SIM only deal, than they will as part of a contract plan.

Of course, you’ll need to already own a mobile phone to insert and use your new SIM card.

If you’re an XLN Phone, Broadband or Fibre customer, all of our SIM-only deals are half price.

Less hassle

Moving to a SIM only deal doesn’t mean you should lose your mobile number.

With XLN Mobile, we guarantee hassle-free switching. Not only does our TRI-SIM work in any phone we pride ourselves on world-class customer service. Too much time is wasted through bad customer service, being kept on hold, and getting lost in automated call systems. We answer calls in 3 rings and resolve over 90% of issues on the first call.

More perks

Just like regular contract mobile plans, SIM only deals shower you with awesome network benefits.

With XLN Mobile, all packages come with free and unlimited calls and texts. We built XLN Mobile after talking to over 1000 small business owners just like you. We listened to recommendations, and rolled them together to create something truly unique. A network designed by small businesses, for small businesses.

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