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What International Women’s Day means at XLN

Why this day means so much to us

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Here at XLN, we want to celebrate women’s achievements, and specifically women in business.

If there is one positive we can take from Covid-19 and its multiple lockdowns, it would be that many women took the opportunity to launch and develop their own businesses against all odds. Despite the fact that the high street and SMEs were hit so hard by the economic downturn and the effects of the pandemic, it didn’t prevent those fearless, strong, determined women fighting to build their brand and open the companies they had been dreaming of.

At XLN we applaud this.

We love to see all small businesses thriving and booming, but on this specific day, our female-founded small businesses are getting our undivided attention. We admire the amount of women who have fought to get to this position, and overcome the gender-gaps that still exist in our society today. Not only are they working hard to run their business, they are also playing a huge part in closing those gaps, and in doing so, inspiring other women to follow in their footsteps.

XLN not only works with small businesses – we support them.

We’ve got your back. Small businesses are the backbone of our society, and we know better than anyone the importance of value for money and great customer service for your growth.

Find out more about XLN, and the services we could provide to your small business today.

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