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What’s the best broadband package for my business?

When choosing a business broadband package, you need to consider a few crucial factors

When weighing up which business broadband package to choose, you need to consider a few crucial factors – specifically speed, phone call and data allowances, and what you can afford. Here we run through the questions you need to ask, and how you can ensure you choose the right package for your small business.

What broadband speed can you get?

To begin with, use an online broadband speed checker. This will tell you what the maximum broadband speed is in your location, and whether you’re able to get fibre broadband.

What broadband speed do you need?
For some people superfast fibre is a nice-to-have, for other it’s a must-have. Working out which category you fall into is very simple – it’s all about the kind of business you run.

If you spend most of your time away from your laptop or mobile, and only need the internet to check emails and a few apps now and again, standard business broadband is the choice for you. There are some very affordable deals, including our current offer that gives you free internet for the first 6 months.

If however you run your business online, sell products via your website, or your employers and customers share your bandwidth, then fibre is a good idea. It can be affordable too – starting at just £8 per month.

Do you make a lot of phone calls?

The cheapest packages won’t offer unlimited calls, but on those pay-as-you-go tariffs, if you do start using your phone regularly, costs can spiral.

So look at your bills and work out what would suit you best. Or to make things even easier, use our handy ‘Help me choose’ tool that will do all the calculations for you.

What can you afford?

Business broadband packages vary greatly in terms of price, so don’t just consider what you need: calculate what you can realistically afford.

We offer business broadband deals to suit every type of small business and every kind of budget. Compare the best business broadband deals here.

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