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Why small businesses should use card processing

Card processing is now so affordable that your business really shouldn’t have any doubts about using

When it comes to the golden rules of business, there’s one that stands above all others: never make it difficult for people to give you money. While cash will always be king for some transactions, the British public is increasingly turning to card payments in order to purchase their goods – and the onset of contactless has only reinforced that. So here are four big reasons for small businesses to use card processing services.

1. Customers are likely to spend more

Customers are more likely to spend large sums of money on their plastic for several reasons. Firstly, they’re unlikely to be carrying around anything with a greater value than small change, unless they have come prepared to make a specific purchase.

Secondly, when spending sums greater than £100, customers are doubly reassured by credit card providers that their purchase is safe as these purchases are automatically insured.

2. It’s easy

There really is no excuse not to move your business into the modern age as card processing can be set up simply and easily by providers who usually supply both the handset and the software required.
Once set up, card processing is generally extremely secure, reliable and fast. Any providers, like XLN Card Processing , will give a subscription service which provides help and support to your business should there be any problems.

3. You can take the company online

Online payments mean you can set up your very own online shopping centre for your business – a valuable asset indeed. While there are other ways of taking payments, many firms opt to set up a master account that sends them the card data, allowing them to carry out the transaction using the card processing unit in the customer’s absence. The company then packages the item and sends it via the Post Office or delivery service.

4. It makes the business appear modern and up-to-date

Appearing modern and up-to-date is essential for a business in the world today. It’s important to assure customers that progress is being made, and that the company will still be in existence next week. It can be difficult to achieve this image if the business only accepts payment through cash or cheque. An up-to-date feel will also reassure customers that your business is legitimate and the goods are safe to buy.

The long and short of it is that card processing is not only simple to set up, but also a secure and popular method of transferring money. It’s a win-win situation for the business owner.

Interested in a quote for card processing services? XLN’s services are up to 47% cheaper than the major banks – find out more here.

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