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You don’t have to adopt card machines – but you probably should

Why the benefits of offering card machines outweigh the costs

In the midst of all the headlines about ATMs closing down and Britain becoming a cashless society, it’s a confusing time for business owners who don’t yet take payments by card machines.

Whilst consumer behaviours are changing and many people are defaulting to card use for convenience, cash will remain part of our lives for a while longer yet. What you can’t ignore though is that card has now overtaken cash as the most commonly used payment method. As a result, businesses do need to equip themselves for the future.

But rather than seeing card machines as another expense, small businesses should instead look at the real benefits of card payments. Then your business can make an informed decision about whether or not offering card payments is right for you.

At XLN Pay we’ve helped thousands of small businesses to take card payments for the first time. That’s largely because our market-leading rates ensure the benefits of taking card outweigh the costs.

But here are three key benefits that you’ll experience by adopting XLN Pay:

1. Great Customer Experience – No more awkwardness in telling customers that there’s a cash point down the road, or taking an age to count out small change. A smart business doesn’t put barriers up to accepting sales and should be encouraging customers to spend

2. Time Savings – Do queues build up at peak times? Serve more customers through contactless payments and save 15 seconds per transaction. You’ll save time and boost customer satisfaction

3. Increased Security and Reduced Costs – Handling less cash means reduced risk and accepting card increases the security of payments. This could even reduce your insurance premiums and help save you time at the bank, as all your earnings will get deposited directly into your account (we even offer next day payments to your account!)

So whether you’re a new business just starting up or an established one, if you’re not planning on accepting card you should definitely be considering it. From our experience, the risk of being a cash-only business is not a risk worth taking.

The great news is that at XLN we’ve got the right solutions to suit your business, whatever industry you’re in. No one understands small businesses better than us and if you drop us a call, we’ll pick up inside 6 seconds and get you transacting through your shiny new terminal within 48hrs.

You don’t have to take payments by card machines, but the question is, why wouldn’t you?

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