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In the Spotlight: Outbound Sales Manager Georgios

Outbound Sales Manager Georgios Lolis is proof perseverance, and an open mind can pave the way to a successful career at XLN. We caught up with Georgios to understand what it takes to reach a managerial position and the steps to become a ’true leader’ at XLN.

What is your current position at XLN? When did you start?

My current position at XLN is Outbound Sales Manager and I started my employment in January 2022.

What work experience did you have prior to this role and how has XLN supported your skills and growth?

Before I began my career at XLN I worked for one and a half years at the NHS on multiple covid-related campaigns (Tier Two and Three, Isolation, NHS Care Identity Service). I worked throughout my studies at university in hospitality which helped me a lot in adapting to my current role.

What do you most like about working at XLN and how would you describe the people and the overall energy in your working environment?

At XLN you always feel as if you are part of a big family. The people here are enthusiastic and are always eager to help you adapt to any situation and to exceed your personal limits.

What key values do you uphold in your role?

I would say that I like to be inspirational and I tend to motivate my team on a daily basis to boost morale and inspire them to reach their goals.

Would you recommend XLN to those searching for a new career or looking to expand their work experience? If yes, why? What would they benefit from working at XLN?

Yes absolutely! XLN helped me to stabilise a lot of things in my personal life. You become more responsible and disciplined. You expand your communicational skills and set the foundation to become a true leader.

What is something you are most proud of having achieved during your time at XLN?

I think my two promotions in one year is an achievement that I’m proud of.

Do you have some valuable advice to share with newcomers or those interested in applying for a role at XLN?

Believe in yourself, stick to the process and XLN will become the place that will make all your career dreams come true.

Did you know XLN is part of Daisy Communications, the number one telecoms provider to work for as ranked by Best Companies? There are plenty of opportunities to join us whether you’re interested in sales or perhaps even an entirely new role. You can view Daisy’s job vacancies here and XLN’s here.

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