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In the Spotlight: Senior Sales Manager Aleksandra

Aleksandra Szumski has played an integral role in the Sales department since her arrival at XLN in 2021. We caught up with Aleksandra to gain insight into her journey so far at XLN and how the role has allowed her to reap many rewards that she believes will also open doors for others who are interested in joining the telecoms industry.

What is your current position at XLN? When did you start?

I am currently a Senior Sales Manager who has also just taken on the role of XLN Outbound Trainer for our new recruits. I started in March 2021 as I wanted a challenge doing something new and completely out of my comfort zone.

What work experience did you have prior to this role and how has XLN supported your skills and growth?

I had previously been a Student Paramedic before joining XLN and had zero experience in the telecoms/sales industry. XLN has supported me in becoming a more confident, engaging person and they have encouraged me in my growth to become a manager which is a title I am extremely proud of.

What do you most like about working at XLN and how would you describe the people you work with and the energy of the environment?

The thing that I like the most about working here is that there is ALWAYS room to improve and many opportunities to progress. Higher management is always willing to work with you to help your growth. I love that the atmosphere is fast-paced, with lively people who all want the same thing – to do better and to be better! Everyone here is like a big family. We all laugh together and that’s what makes the energy really contagious and pleasant.

What key values do you uphold in your role?

• Loyalty: loyal to the company and the company’s values.

• Creativity: always thinking of different ways to incentivise and drive performance.

• Communication: being able to connect well with others.

• Adaptation: flexibility to adapt in different situations and meet someone else’s needs.

• Teamwork: work well within teams.

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

If there is anyone who knows all there is to know about the British Royal Family, then I’m your girl! You’d definitely want me on your pub quiz team!

Would you recommend XLN to those considering a new career or looking to expand their work experience? If yes, why? What would they benefit from working at XLN?

Yes! They would be joining an environment where the opportunities are endless. We offer an aggressive progression model where there is no limit to how far you can go. The culture is hard-working, and you will always get rewarded for success.

What is something you are most proud of having achieved during your time at XLN?

I won the Outbound Sales Top Performer Award for 2022!

Do you have some valuable advice to share with newcomers or those interested in applying for a role at XLN?

My biggest piece of advice when applying for a role, or when you are a newcomer at XLN, is don’t give up! It is very easy to tell yourself that you “can’t” do it, especially if you have never been in this kind of environment before. But you need to understand bad days do happen and it’s about what you do to pick yourself up that matters. XLN is like an investment in yourself. The longer you stick at it, the more visible results become. Work hard, play hard!

Did you know XLN is part of Daisy Communications, the number one telecoms provider to work for as ranked by Best Companies? There are plenty of opportunities to join us whether you’re interested in sales or perhaps even an entirely new role. You can view Daisy’s job vacancies here and XLN’s here.

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