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Customers trust friends over brands

New research confirms the power of peer-to-peer recommendations

According to a huge study by Mention Me, a tech platform for recommendations, 51% of customers trust their friends’ or partner’s recommendations more than brand advertising.

Interestingly, some 37% of the thousands of UK consumers surveyed had also personally recommended a brand within the past month.

Good old word of mouth

A further 41% stated that they would choose not to shop with a brand that a friend or peer had been critical of. This statistic, perhaps more than any other, is a reminder of just how damaging unhappy customers can be.

But happy customers, in the shape of recommendations, can be transformative too. To get recommendations, the survey found that ‘being trustworthy’ was the key, with 72% of respondents making that their biggest draw. Customer service was close behind, with 63%.

There’s also been a clear change in the way that ethics and sustainability are affecting customer recommendations. A huge 49% said that they would be more likely to refer a brand if it paid its staff a fair wage – and the same percentage would refer brands committed to eradicating single use plastics.

You can read the full survey results here:

Believe the hype

We’re proud to be the most recommended business in our sector, with more 5-star Trustpilot reviews than our major competitors (BT, TalkTalk and Virgin) put together. And we think it’s the best possible way of helping customers to choose.

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