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Even Big Issue sellers are now taking contactless payments

The charity magazine has gone digital – helping the homeless to boost sales

Following a successful trial period, sellers of The Big Issue are now able to take contactless payments by card or smartphone.

With nearly 80% of their customers not carrying cash in certain parts of the UK, The Big Issue will equip homeless sellers with mobile card payment technology. It’s expected that this will increase sales by at least a quarter.

Moving with the times

The Big Issue has been instrumental in helping homeless people to rebuild their lives. And following the trial, it’s believed that contactless payments will be vital to the continued success of the magazine.

Big Issue sellers see themselves as entrepreneurs, running their own small business. So it isn’t surprising to hear that sellers are overwhelmingly positive about the prospect of taking card payments.

Meanwhile, it’s estimated that more than 40% of the UK’s small businesses still don’t take card payments. That’s in spite of the fact that cash use is in decline – in 2018, only 28.5% of all transactions in the UK were made with cash.

For small businesses, it’s perhaps time to follow the example set by Big Issue sellers. Taking card payments nowadays is easy, cost-effective, and ensures you don’t fall behind customer expectations. And it doesn’t mean not taking cash – it simply means giving your customers more choice.

Why contactless payments?

Contactless payments offer numerous benefits for street sellers, enhancing both convenience and efficiency in daily transactions. By accepting contactless payments, street sellers can serve customers quickly, reducing wait times and increasing sales volume.

This method minimises the need for handling cash, which reduces the risk of theft and loss, and simplifies cash management, and also eliminates issues where less people carry cash.

Contactless payments can attract tech-savvy customers who prefer modern payment methods, expanding the sellers customer base. It also promotes hygiene by minimising physical contact, a significant advantage in maintaining health and safety standards.

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