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Making a marketer: what work experience is really about

For Anna, school work experience was never going to be spent making cups of tea.

Year 10 work experience has become something of a cliché. Most kids dread it. It normally goes something like this: a week clock watching in mum or dad’s office, in an industry or department you’re not actually interested in. Well that’s exactly what I wanted to avoid.

Hi, I’m Anna. I’m 15 years old and this is how I spent my work experience.

Making the most of work experience

I always wanted my school work experience to be something that would benefit my career later in life. But not everybody approaches it that way, and I think that’s a real shame. We owe it to ourselves to make the best possible start to our careers and work experience week is our opportunity to do exactly that.

Finding out what marketing is really about

So, on Tuesday night, I hopped on the train from Manchester to London to take my first steps into the adult world. Bright and early the next day I was headed for XLN’s head office in Westminster. I was about to get a three-day masterclass in marketing. My careers advisors have always told me a career in marketing is right for me. Apparently, I have an eye for it. Because of this, I chose to use my week of work experience to find out first-hand what being in a marketing team is all about.

In just three days with the XLN Marketing team, I researched, shot, produced and edited a short film, drafted and published this post and then promoted the film on social media. Pretty impressive right?

And to think, before Wednesday I assumed marketing was all about billboards and TV ads. Turns out it has a lot more to offer than that. I’d only been at XLN for an hour before I discovered how complex and exciting marketing actually was.

Watch it now

XLN’s team of copywriters, videographers and social media gurus all helped me to make this short film. I hope you like it.

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