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Nearly 500 UK ATMs closing a month

Britain is headed for a cashless future

Some 488 cash machines are closing every month in the UK as we hurtle towards a cashless future.

At the same time, Which? have stated that some communities risk being cut off from a means of paying for local goods and services – with so many independent businesses still only accpeting cash.

The only clear solution? More access to card payments

The pace of ATM closures is rapidly increasing year on year: in 2017, 1400 were closed, and in 2018, 4700 were closed.

At this point, the decline looks terminal. Some critics say that, with many customers still regularly using cash, cash machines still have an important role to play in the future.

In reality, the enduring popularity of cash isn’t proof that customers can’t do without it; it’s more likely proof that the businesses they use haven’t yet provided them with the means to pay by card.

Contactless payments are soaring in popularity all over the world, partly for their ease but also, surprisingly, for how secure they are. And from a business’ point of view, carrying less cash is far safer too.

Cash may not disappear overnight, but these statistics don’t lie. And in the communities where cash is becoming harder to come by, businesses have a huge opportunity to boost their sales simply by introducing card payment systems. We think it’s a no brainer.

At XLN Pay, we provide card payment terminals used by the biggest businesses in the world, exclusively for small ones. And we also guarantee to offer you the lowest card transaction rates in the industry. To find out more about how we work, head over to

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