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Quick tips on creating great emails

Email is still king in the marketing world, and here are a few tips on making the most of it.

Email remains one of your most valuable marketing tools. But it’s only valuable if you take care over each and every one you send to ensure they convey the right information in the right way. After all, only a tiny percentage of people actually read business emails in any detail.
So, here are a few quick tips to ensure you make the most of every email you send.

Punchy subject lines

Long subject lines typically get cut off, so get in the habit of making five words long or less (under 65 characters). The majority of people delete or ignore emails after viewing the subject line, so actually, your subject line is more important than anything within the email itself. Make it count, and take your time over getting it right.

Use sub-headings

People scan their emails rather than reading them, often missing out large chunks of text. That’s why sub-headings are so important.

Capture key pieces of information in sub-headings that allow these passive readers to take away the most important information. Write these headings in bold text too.

Write clear calls-to-action

A call-to-action is a piece of content that directs your reader to do something – perhaps to buy a product, call you or fill out a form.

Normally, the purpose of a business email is to direct your customer to perform an action, so it’s essential that your call-to-action is bold and clear. They tend to go at the end of an email, but it’s worth trying different positions to see what works best.

Make them friendly and personal

Generally speaking, a friendly tone works better than an overly professional tone. And making emails personal can be very effective.

You can actually format your emails to automatically include your customers’ first names or business name, or other personal details. This is possible using email software, some of which is available for free. A good example of this is Mailchimp, which is very user-friendly.

Test, test, test

The only way to find out what works for your email marketing is to test. And test everything.

Test your subject lines to begin with. Vary the length, tone and personalisation to begin with, and then try writing questions or including words like ‘free’.

Then, try testing the email content itself. Again vary the length, and perhaps vary the tone too. Find a formula that works, and repeat.

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