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The XLN Guide To Facebook Advertising Part 2

How small business can use Facebook advertising campaigns to reach new customers

Title: The XLN Guide To Facebook Advertising Part 2

Teaser: How small business can use Facebook advertising campaigns to reach new customers

The first step to getting your Facebook ads served to the right people is to create relevant content for them to start clicking on, engaging with you as a business. This is known as building awareness.

Conveniently, Facebook distinguishes between “awareness”-type ads, and ads that directly sell products. These awareness ads will not contain a call-to-action, and will not be about a specific product.

Instead, they should be broadly related to your industry. If you’re a bakery, you could post articles about how to make the perfect sourdough, or a list of your favourite bakeries and cake shops in the local area. And you could restrict the audience seeing this ad to only those living in your local area.

Now, if anyone clicks click on your ad, you’ll know that they live nearby, and have a relevant interest in something you do.

Now it’s time to position yourself as an expert in your field.

Your next round of ads should target exclusively the people who clicked on your first ad, only this time, rather than simply gauging people’s interest, you’re going to be showing off your own qualifications.

Again, if you’re a bakery, you could put out content like “5 steps to creating the perfect sourdough” or “5 reasons why your pastries suck”.

Clickers here will be interested in your industry, aware of your brand, and think of you as experts in your field.

Now you convert

This third round of ads should target only those who clicked on ads #1 and #2. You may worry that you’re seriously reducing your catchment size by reducing the field in this way each time.

But it’ll end up saving you money in the long run, as ads with a direct call-to-action are a lot more expensive to serve, and you need to know that the people who see them are potential buyers.

Your third ad can be a direct product advertisement, directing people to order products from your store, book a table at your sushi restaurant, hire out your freelance services or book a masterclass at your mountain retreat.

That’s it!

The great thing about FB ads is that you aren’t restricted to single campaigns. You can try a number of different ads and pieces of content, funnelling audiences towards whichever product you want them to buy. Remember: synergy between the different pieces of content will produce the best results.

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