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Three steps to creating personalised, priceless customer moments

Everyone wants to feel special and be seen as the individuals they are. That’s why there’s an increasing demand for personalisation in all walks of life. Used correctly, personalisation can be a remarkable business tool that adds a sense of exclusivity to everyday exchanges, creating unforgettable experiences. When customers enjoy a positive experience with your company, they are more likely to share this with others – this is where personalisation thrives. Here’s a few tips on how to adopt impactful personalisation methods into your small business, so every moment for your customer feels priceless.

Gather customer preferences and needs

The Next in Personalisation 2021 Report discovered that “companies who excel at demonstrating customer intimacy, generate faster rates of revenue growth than their peers”. Understanding each customer’s unique preferences and requirements is crucial for delivering personalised experiences. After all, you don’t want your client to feel like every other customer, do you? Implementing a comprehensive approach that combines proactive and reactive methods of gathering information can help you achieve this goal.

Have proactive conversations with customers through all your channels, such as in-person interactions, phone calls, live chat, or social media. Encourage customers to provide feedback, share concerns, and express their expectations. They have a voice, help them embrace it!

This direct engagement allows you to gather valuable insights into their preferences and requirements. Additionally, try some targeted surveys to gather specific information. Design the surveys to look fun and ask questions that delve into customers’ preferences, expectations, and pain points. Keep the surveys concise, clear, and easily accessible to encourage participation and gather relevant data needed to tailor a personalised customer experience. Make this interaction so thoughtful that they are left grinning ear to ear because they realise, they have made the right decision to choose your business!

Begin integrating subtle and thoughtful personalisation techniques

To enhance customer interactions, prioritise tailoring and personalisation. Studies reveal that 76% of consumers consider personalised communications a significant factor in brand consideration, with 78% more likely to repurchase as a result. Personalisation can be as simple as using customers’ names in reminders, emails, or newsletters.

Starbucks exemplifies this by writing customers’ names on cups, establishing a personalised connection that is recognised by customers upon each visit. This technique is entirely free and simple, yet so effective to the point in which it has become a trademark for them. Tailoring interactions to the unique preferences and needs of your customers demonstrates that you value their individuality and enhances their overall experience. This personalised approach helps create a stronger emotional connection, making customers more likely to choose your brand and become repeat customers. What’s not to love?

Adopt simple technology to meet requests every time

Now you’ve gained a deeper understanding of what your customers want, you need a tool to help you put it to good use. After all, no one expects you to memorise each unique customer and preference by heart! Studies show that 72% of consumers expect businesses to recognise them as individuals and understand their interests. If you have followed the previous steps correctly, this step should be relatively straightforward.

A great tool to help you memorise each customer request may be adopting a CRM solution. This will enable you to store historic customer data at your fingertips. Recall things like previous purchases, when they last visited, birthdays etc so you can make informed recommendations and even offer special promotions specific to that customer. With this information readily available, your staff will also be well-informed about the customer’s preferences and needs, enabling them to provide a tailored and effective service.

By implementing such personalised solutions based on your customers’ backgrounds and requirements, you can further enhance their experience and foster stronger customer relationships. This attention to detail and customised approach demonstrates your commitment to meeting their individual needs, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Ready to take a leap into personalisation?

As a small business, what you do matters, not only for your success-rate, but for the quality of your customer experience too. Personalisation is rising in demand, and as research has shown, it’s a prime appeal for customers looking to invest in a company who knows how to deliver on personalised interactions. Remember, taking a leap into personalisation doesn’t have to be daunting, with the right solutions, you can give your business the personal touches your customers crave, to deliver priceless moments, time after time after time.

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