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You can now switch mobile provider with one simple text


There has never been a better time to switch

New rules introduced by Ofcom mean that mobile customers can now switch mobile provider by sending a single free text message.

Previously, customers had to phone their existing provider to tell them they want to switch – and were then given their porting authorisation code (PAC) to pass on to their new provider. But the new text-to-switch system makes it quicker and easier to change provider.

How the new system works

The new process makes it incredibly easy to switch provider. If you’d like to switch and keep your existing number, this is how it works:

• Text PAC to 65075

• Your existing provider will send your code within a minute, and it’s vaild for 30 days

• Your provider must also send any outstanding charges on your account

• You then pass on your PAC to your new provider, who must arrange your switch within one day

• If you don’t want to keep your number, simply text STAC to 75075 instead, and then follow the same process

Without question this will rapidly speed up the switching process, and should reassure any customers who don’t switch because of fears over delays.

Ofcom has also stated that any providers that don’t abide by the process could face investigations and fines.

‘Never been a better time to switch’

It’s widely agreed that there has never been a better time to switch providers. And ultimately, the only barrier for customers could be if they’re trapped in a long-term contract.

That’s one of the key benefits of XLN Mobile, a SIM-only service available exclusively to small businesses. We only offer 30-day contracts, giving small businesses the freedom and flexibility to find a deal that suits their needs. Better still, for existing XLN phone or broadband customers, all our SIM-only deals are available for half price.

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