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A small business guide to Instagram

Instagram is turning hobbies into businesses overnight – here’s how

Some of the UK’s fastest growing businesses were conceived through Instagram.

Hobbyists of all kinds are piling onto the free-to-use platform to turn their side projects into businesses. Designers, makers, writers, illustrators, bakers, brewers, decorators, carpenters and gamers. If your craft is visual, Instagram can make you money from it.

To show you how, here’s our small business guide to Instagram.

  1. Writing your bio

Your bio is where you introduce your company. You want to let Instagrammers know what you do and entice them to follow you on your journey.

In your bio you’re allowed to include one link and one link only. Most companies signpost to their website homepage, but why not link to an offer you have on? Or your ‘About Us’ page?  If you don’t have a website, you could link to a YouTube video instead. It’s up to you.

For the perfect scene setter, check out SproutSocial’s guide to writing Instagram Bios for Businesses.

  1. Getting connected

If you’re already on other social media like Facebook or Twitter, it’s smart to link up your accounts. When you connect them all up the content you post on Instagram gets published on your other sites too.

With any luck your Facebook and Twitter followers will start following you on Instagram right away.

  1. Harnessing the hashtag

The hashtag (#) is your powerful little friend. With it, your posts will be visible to the world and help you reach new audiences. A hashtag turns your bedroom operation into a globally marketed brand.

For each post you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags. But maxing out isn’t smart. The most popular posts on Instagram use an average of 11 hashtags per post.

Which ones you use will be determined by the type of business you are. To get you thinking, check out Websta. You can search related topics and keywords to find the most effective hashtags.

  1. Storytelling

Behind every good brand there’s a story. Behind every good brand’s Instagram, there are Instagram Stories.

Its arrival shook the ephemeral video boat and tossed Snapchat overboard. Since then it’s revolutionised the way brands engage with customers.

Check out how brands like are using the feature and think about how you can start posting your own.

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