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Starting a business in Nottingham

Nottingham’s Enterprise Zone makes the city an ideal place to start a business outside of London

Nottingham has gone down in folklore history thanks to Robin Hood, but nowadays it’s an up-and-coming place to do business outside of London – and you don’t even have to run around Sherwood Forest with a bow and arrows to make a name for yourself.

Transport and education

Global companies like E.ON, Experian and Capital One have made Nottingham their home, and when you look at its infrastructure it isn’t difficult to see why. Its central location gives it strong transport connections to the rest of the UK and beyond, with a number of major motorways and rail links, along with East Midlands Airport for those international excursions.

Nottingham also boasts two universities, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, with over 60,000 students between them – so access to talent shouldn’t be a hard task. The University of Nottingham also has its own Innovation Park providing office and laboratory space to businesses, as well as essential support through collaboration opportunities and networking.

A place for businesses to grow

Nottingham’s Enterprise Zone is the ideal starting place for businesses looking for support, funding and office space in the city. Providing advice to businesses across a wide range of sectors, from life sciences to retail and leisure, the Enterprise Zone looks to create an environment where businesses can grow and succeed, with added incentives like reduced business rates, superfast broadband connectivity and a simplified planning process to help along the way.

Support for SMEs

For small businesses and start-ups looking for help setting things up, Nottingham’s Next Business Generation accelerator programme offers facilities and expertise across a wide range of skills to help entrepreneurs, SMEs and fledgeling businesses improve their strategies.

Small businesses in the creative and retail sectors can make the most of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, the city’s growing tech and life sciences hub. There’s a supportive community within the Creative Quarter, where businesses of all sizes can access networks, information, regular events and even funding.

If broadband connectivity and reliability are high on your business priorities (and, let’s face it, it should be) then Nottingham is the ideal location to set up shop, with average broadband speeds of 23.4Mbps across the city.

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