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Free parking letter for your local MP

Send this letter to your local MP and help bring back free parking on high streets.

We’ve created a template letter for you to download and send to your local MP which requests that your local council trials free parking on your high street.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks with your details and send it. We’ve even provided you with a link to quickly and easily find out who your local MP is, in case you’re not sure.

Why are we doing this? Expensive parking charges are crippling UK high streets and forcing the small businesses on them to close. But by addressing the issue at a local government level, we can make a change.

What you told us

The poor state of parking is something the public was all too happy to tell us about when we headed out onto the high street. One gentleman said, “The local council have decided to charge for literally every space and every yard of roadside parking they can get away with.”

Another said, “I think it kills the towns. Where I live they’ve introduced car parking charges on the high street and it has moved the shopping to the bigger shops where they offer free parking”.

The solution

Many councils have trialled or offered free parking with great success. The Argus of Brighton and Hove reports that free parking has encouraged visitors to stay longer, pumping more money back into the local economy.

So remember, all you have to do to request a trail like this one in your area, is download this template letter, fill in the blanks and email it to your local MP.

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