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The Benefits of Bundling

It’s cold out there, so what better way to celebrate Autumn than to bundle up with XLN. We promise to keep you and your business warm and cosy with our brilliant bundling packages, making them a no-brainer for busy small businesses.

At XLN we don’t just provide phone lines for your small business; we provide a whole range of other useful services too, such as business broadband, card machines and online payments and mobile data. And the really good news is there are some fantastic advantages to your business if you buy several products from us. Check out these benefits:

1. Bundling will save you money

Our bundling promise to you is simple and straightforward – the more products you buy from us, the more money you will save. Indeed we recently worked out that if you choose to buy all of our core products from us – business phone line, broadband and online card payments – you could save up to £1250 a year. That means a lot more money available for your business to spend on other things.

2. You get the benefit of several great products

All our products are tailormade for small businesses, delivering you the best possible service to suit yours. Our business phone line packages, for example, come with unlimited UK phone calls as standard, while our broadband packages deliver high speed broadband to your door together with a minimum speed guarantee. And our card machines and online payments packages provide the perfect flexible payment solutions for your business.

3. More simplicity equals fewer headaches

No more hunting around your desk or scrolling through your inbox trying to remember which company provides you with what service – if you buy them all from us you will have a single name to remember and a much less stressful life, guaranteed.

4. Less admin equals longer weekends

With so much to do during the week, most small businesses owners find themselves having to deal with pile of paperwork at the weekends. Instead of being able to take a break from the business, they end up surrounded by bills and invoices on a Sunday afternoon. But bundling with us means we can instantly slash your admin by providing you with one combined bill rather than lots of separate bills. So you can use the time you would have spent hunched over a calculator meeting up with friends instead. Sound appealing? We thought so.

5. One payment date

When you are running a business it can be hard trying to keep track of when payments go out of your account. But when you have one of our bundling packages we will take a single payment out each month for all your products, putting you in control of your business finances and improving your cashflow.

6. One contact point

No more trying to remember endless phone numbers, account numbers and passwords – if we are dealing with all your services then you will have just a single point of contact to deal with – one phone number, one account number, and one simple streamlined way to sort out any issues you may have.

7. The very best customer experience

Are you fed up of hearing the dreaded words ‘you are currently tenth in the queue’ whenever you try to call someone? At XLN we know that when you are running a small business you don’t have time to wait endlessly on the line for someone to answer your call. So we promise to answer every call within three rings, and that you will always be talking someone in our UK-based contact centre. Even better, you can deal with everything you need to in just one phone call. Better customer service comes as standard at XLN, and if you take out several products with us, that’s a better customer experience multiplied right across every product.

8. We understand what makes you tick

One of the things that makes XLN unique is that we only support small businesses – which means that we understand the challenges they face and their needs really, really well. And having started out as a small business ourselves, we know better than anyone about the unique challenges and pressures involved of starting and growing a business. We now have more than 700,000 small business customers in the UK and an incredible 10,000 5* reviews on Trustpilot, making us the number one choice for your business.

9. You will never miss a special deal or upgrade

As one of our bundling package customers you will always be in the know about our special deals and upgrades across the whole of our product range, which means that you can be sure that you and your business are always one step ahead of the crowd and getting the best possible value.

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