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The best laptops for small business 2022

With so many of us now working remotely or on the go, laptops are the default purchase for all kinds of small business owners and employees. But with so much choice, choosing the right laptop is increasingly hard. So we’ve combed the market in 2022, weighing up all the best laptops for small business.

Here is our summary of the best laptops for small business, based on those that offer value for money and all-round reliability for every kind of SME.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

This budget-friendly laptop ticks all the boxes for the average small business.

Its battery life is great, the touchscreen is easy to use and the keyboard is exceptional. In addition, it’s fast and powerful – and perfect for the majority of us that use Windows frequently.

Most small businesses don’t need the excessive and nuanced features of so many new laptops. This model offers a perfect mix of everything the average small business needs, without any of the unnecessary – and expensive – extras.

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021

Macs have always rightly been seen as the laptop for creative professionals, designers, and let’s face it, people who want to show off in coffee shops. But with this 2021 model, they finally produced a genuinely brilliant all-rounder.

It’s incredibly robust, powerful and surprisingly compatible with all kinds of software. And it does suit every kind of business owner, whatever you’re doing. Perhaps most significantly, its battery life is outstanding – no matter how much memory or space you’re using, or the kind of tasks you’re carrying out.

It’s fairly pricey, like all Macs. But this, finally, is a Mac for everyone.

Dell XPS 13

Dells are consistently among the best-selling business laptops in the world – and for good reason.

They’re reliable and offer great value for money on all models. But this laptop is as good as anything in terms of performance and power – making it perfect for almost any kind of intensive use. It has all kinds of high-end functionality but it’s also just really simple to use. And the battery life is exceptionally good.

As Dell laptops go it is quite expensive – but it’s worth it for anyone that needs a machine that will last and keep offering high performance.

Apple MacBook Air 2020

MacBook Airs are less powerful than Pros, but in reality, they’re more than robust enough for the majority of small businesses. As ever, it’s just about weighing up your needs based on your typical activity.

For less demanding workloads, there isn’t a better business laptop out there. The battery is great, and its fantastically light design makes it comfortable to transport around. It’s also under £1000 – and one of the only ‘business’ laptops within that lower price range.

Best of all, you get all that Mac user experience and design that, once you get used to, is hard to come back from.

Lenovo ThinkPad L14

Like Dell, Lenovo has forged an excellent reputation for business laptops and is a very familiar presence in offices all around the world. Because of that, they can have a reputation for being more functional and a little less fun – but increasingly, that isn’t the case. And this model is one of many that bucks the trends.

It’s sleek, light and beautifully designed. It’s also very easy to use and surprisingly powerful given its weight. And like the MacBook Air, it’s all yours for less than £1000.

All in all, it’s a brilliant and affordable laptop that looks great – and if this model isn’t right or you need something more affordable, there are several others for under £700 that are ideal for less-intensive users.

What to consider when deciding on your next business laptop

Hopefully, the recommendations above provide you with a good starting place.

But really, buying a business laptop is different for everyone. The right choice depends on your business needs. When choosing, consider:

  • How much you use your laptop
  • How much you travel – making battery life and weight especially important
  • Whether you carry out work that requires high processing power, like editing film or writing website code
  • What your budget realistically is – there is something to suit every business

And all good laptops need great business broadband

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