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The Perfect Match: XLN’s Mobile SIM and Cloud Voice

Fish and Chips. Salt and Vinegar. Cheese and Onion. Some things were just meant to be together. Both parts of every pairing are great on their own but they complement each other so well you can’t imagine why you would ever want to keep them apart.

Well now we’ve got another perfect match for you to appreciate – our Mobile SIM and our Cloud Voice app. Both are brilliant on their own, but they are even better together, because that’s where the magic begins.

Take our Mobile SIM. It’s exactly what you need to give your business the data boost it deserves. Available in three strengths to meet your business needs, our Mobile SIM comes with free unlimited calls and texts, no EU roaming charges and a flexible contract that allows you to upgrade at any time. And because it can be used with your existing handset, it is simple to use and cost-effective.

Or take Cloud Voice – our very own VoIP digital phone service which we’ve specially tailored for small business. Cloud Voice enables you to make and receive calls over an internet connection, rather than via a traditional phone line, giving you a whole stack of added benefits such as better quality calls, more flexibility and fantastic call management features.

But just look at what happens when you combine the two together – because suddenly an even more exciting world of possibilities opens up. Take a look at the benefits:

1. They work together to future proof your business

With the traditional phone network being phased out, digital is not only the future for business communications, it’s also the answer for right here right now, and the small businesses that don’t embrace it will find themselves getting left behind. Our Mobile SIM and Cloud Voice combo can provide your business with a really easy way of accessing the magic of high-quality digital communication, without fuss and bother.

2. They were quite literally made for each other

Our Mobile SIM is totally compatible with our Cloud Voice app and integrates seamlessly with it, meaning no glitches or hiccups, and making them ideal for a small business which is going places.

3. They make communication super easy

Want your customers to be able to reach you wherever you are, without letting them know exactly where you are? Using this combo means that all calls to your office number can come straight through to a single device, whether that is your mobile phone or computer. So you can answer your calls anywhere, never miss a call, and always give your customers a professional impression. It’s the ultimate office in your pocket.

4. Together they eat paperwork for breakfast

Fed up of drowning in admin every month? If you take out one of our Mobile SIM and Cloud Voice packages then all of your stuff will be in one place. We will give you one contract, one bill and take one single payment a month. Simple.

5. They will save you time and money

We have made it really simple for you to buy our Mobile SIM and Cloud Voice app together by creating some fantastic special bundles which designed to save you time, money and effort. You can get our award-winning Fibre Broadband, Cloud Voice system and Mobile SIM together in one complete package – and if you want you can add in our Public Wi-Fi too.

6. They are good news for the environment

Our Mobile SIM card slots straight into your existing phone, and our Cloud Voice app does away with the need for physical hardware. That’s great news for the planet because fewer new handsets and hardware means a lot less old equipment ending up in landfill. By keeping your existing handset you will also save yourself hours of pouring through an instruction booklet trying to work out what that new button does. So that’s a win-win for everyone.

7. They have been specially designed for your small business

At XLN we only support small businesses, which means that we really understand what makes small businesses tick. And having started out as a small business ourselves, we know better than anyone, the unique challenges and pressures involved in starting and growing one. So actually that makes another perfect match – XLN and your business.

8. We make it really easy for you to make the move

When you get our Mobile SIM and Cloud Voice app you can keep your existing phone numbers, which means that all your customers and suppliers will still be able to contact you. What’s more, at XLN we guarantee hassle-free switching with our world-class customer service, so there will be minimal downtime and a UK-based switching team to manage the process for you.

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