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What are the best mobiles for small businesses in 2022?

The amount of choice when it comes to choosing a mobile phone for your business – and perhaps your employees – is dizzying.

Whether you’re most interested in size, battery performance, ease of use, functionality or specific features, finding a clear answer can be tricky.

That’s not to mention the huge variety of contracts to choose from too – all tied into different models and changing according to your needs.

So, we’ve decided to put together a handy list of our recommended mobiles for small businesses. Taking a balanced view of what the average small business wants and needs, here are our top choices for 2022:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

And so, an iPhone isn’t top of the list!

The Samsung Galaxy is consistently brilliant for all kinds of business needs. From its brilliant stylus pen to its exceptionally high-res screen, it delivers real quality to all kinds of business users.

It also offers a huge amount of memory, rapid processing power and stands up to even the most avid and intensive users.

The only downside: it is expensive. So, this probably isn’t the phone for you if you need to buy 10 at once for your team.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE continues to be an excellent all-rounder for almost any business. It’s compact and has really good processing power for its size.

That means you can perform almost any task, and it stands up well to battery-consuming activity too. And perhaps best of all, it’s very affordable.

This is a great phone for businesses looking for quality and reliability without breaking the bank.

OnePlus 8

This Android smartphone released in 2020 isn’t always widely known, but it’s an excellent choice for busy, on-the-go business owners.

It’s 5G adapted, full of excellent features and has excellent processing power. But perhaps most significantly, it offers some of the best battery life on the market.

And for small business owners and employees constantly on the move, this is a hugely valuable feature.

It’s also one of the cheaper 5G-ready phones – and there’s no phone with better battery life for less money.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is expensive, and probably the best-known smartphone on the planet. But for business users, its quality can’t be ignored.

Its camera is exceptional, and its processing power is immense. You can do anything on this phone – whether that’s filming an advert or running non-stop video calls.

And given the number of features and power-packed into it, the battery life is very good.

Plus, the new magnetic charging function can be particularly ideal for business users.

The only drawback is that, currently, it’s still very expensive. But as with any iPhone, that will change soon enough.

Plus, let’s face it, if you buy the newest iPhone for your employees, you’re going to be very popular.

Nokia XR20

This is Nokia’s first big success in the world of smartphones – and it’s a mobile that works well for all kinds of businesses.

Shockproof, water-resistant, 5G-enabled and super-powered, this is a great phone for anyone who uses their mobile a lot – and has a habit of breaking it.

The battery is also excellent.

If you want something that lasts, and something that your employees can’t break – no matter how clumsy they are – this is the phone for you.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The big selling point of this phone is that it’s the cheapest mobile with 5G – which is a big benefit for businesses out and about who desperately need the best signal they can get.

It’s powerful, the battery life is good and it’s regularly praised for its slick design and functionality.

It isn’t a cheap phone, but with all kinds of excellent features, it looks a really good bet.

Motorola Defy

Like Nokia, Motorola is a brand that fell on hard times but is making a comeback.

The Defy model is key to that revival, with a brilliant water, dust and drop-proof design. This makes it especially ideal for anyone working in trades or hands-on jobs.

Furthermore, it has enormous power and one of the best batteries of any phone in the world. And despite being so rugged, its design is slick too – so hopefully your employees won’t be too embarrassed to not be carrying an iPhone around.

Whatever handset you choose, pair it with an XLN SIM

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