With better quality calls, a huge range of smart cloud voice features and market-leading handsets provided for free, XLN Cloud Voice offers affordable and comprehensive IP Voice packages for small business owners.

Additional Cloud Voice Features

Feature Monthly Cost Set-up
Call Recording From £5 Free
International Calls From £5 Free

Free Call Features (included)

Alternative Numbers

Specify up to 10 alternative numbers to call your primary number.

Anonymous call rejection

Reject calls from anonymous parties who have explicitly restricted their identities.

Auto Attendant

Serves as an automated receptionist that callers can reach by dialling a specific phone number or extension. Once connected to an Auto Attendant, the caller is played a greeting that provides a menu of options used to complete the routing of the call.

Basic Call Logs

Call logs for received, missed, and placed calls.

Busy Lamp Field

Monitor another user’s call state, through Busy Lamp Field LED’s

Call Forward Always

Automatically redirect all incoming calls intended for a user to another phone destination.

Call Forward Busy

Redirect calls to another phone destination when the user’s device fails to respond to an incoming call.

Call Forward No Answer

Redirect incoming calls to another phone destination when the user does not answer within a specified number of rings.

Call Forward Not Reachable

Forward calls to another destination when the incoming call matches pre-specified criteria.

Call Hold

Place an existing call on hold for a period of time, and then retrieve the call to resume conversation.

Call Notify

Define criteria and specify rules that cause certain incoming calls to trigger an email notification to a specified address.

Call Recording

The Call Recording feature allows you to record calls for training and quality purposes. It stores the calls in the cloud securely. for you to access whenever you wish to.

Call Return

Call the last party that called.

Call Transfer

Consult with an add-on party before either transferring the caller to the add-on party or initiating a 3-way conference call.

Call Waiting

Answer another call while already engaged in a call.

Calling Line ID Blocking

Block identity of outbound calls.

Disaster Recovery

Enter an alternative number for calls to be re-directed if there is no power on site.

Distinctive & Priority Ringing

Make your phone ring with a different sound – ideal for when you want to be made aware of a particular person getting in touch.

Do Not Disturb

Send calls directly to your voicemail without ringing your phone.

External Calling ID

Delivery View the incoming caller ID for a call coming from outside your organisation.

Group Calling Line ID

Provide a single default calling line identity for all users within a given site. (Additional charge applicable).

Hunt Groups

Distribute incoming calls to users within a group.

Internal Calling Line ID Delivery

View the incoming caller ID information for a call coming from inside the organisation.

Last Number Redial

Redial the last number dialled.

Music On Hold

Set up and maintain an audio source that can be broadcast to held callers in various scenarios.

Number Porting

Bring over your current number from any provider.

Pre-alerting Announcement

Play a pre-recorded announcement to callers ahead of the phone being alerted (ringing).

Selective Call Appearance

Accept calls when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.

Selective Call Rejection

Reject calls when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.

Site Intercept

Allows calls routed to a line that has been decommissioned to be intercepted with an informative announcement and alternate routing options.

Speed Dial 100

Dial another telephone number by dialling a Speed Prefix Access Code and two digits

Speed Dial 8

Dial another telephone number by simply dialling a single digit.

Time Schedules

Define Time Schedules that can be applied to the features used by the side. Create a Time Schedule if you want a feature to use different behaviour during business and non-business hours, or at a different time during the day.

User Intercept

Allows phone number to be taken out of service while providing callers with informative Announcements and alternative routing options.


Personal voicemail service which allows users to listen to voicemails from anywhere, and any platform.

Webex Voice & Video Calling

Allows for calling on the go on either your mobile, tablet or, computer.