Complete Care Terms and Conditions- April 2024

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions at (XLN Terms and Conditions)

  1. Introduction
    • These Terms and Conditions form part of the Contract between the XLN and You and apply in addition to the XLN Terms and Conditions. Complete Care shall be deemed to be part of the Broadband Services.
    • Except where set out below, Capitalised terms shall be given the meaning ascribed to them in the XLN Terms and Conditions.
    • XLN may amend, modify, or replace these Complete Care Specific Conditions at any time by amending the relevant page on our website


  1. Complete Care
  • Where the Customer takes the Complete Care service, XLN agrees to cover the cost of a replacement router (if the faulty router is manufactured by Technicolor) subject to:
    • the fault with the router being a manufacturer fault. Any fault caused by damage, accident or improper use contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions is not covered. Any router found not to be a manufacturer fault will incur a charge of £85 ex VAT.
    • the faulty router being returned to XLN. Failure to return the faulty router to XLN will incur a charge of £85 ex VAT.
    • the faulty router being originally provided by XLN.
  • XLN will only provide replacement Technicolor routers with our standard configuration. Any additional programming will be chargeable.
  • In the event that you require an engineering visit, this will be subject to an additional charge.
  • XLN will provide 24/7/365 support of the Broadband Service meaning that you can call XLN to report a fault with your Broadband Service.
  • XLN will endeavour to remotely diagnose the cause of the reported fault.
  • Complete Care is chargeable on a per month per device/connection basis. Charges will be levied one month in advance.
  • Faults reported after 1pm won’t qualify for a next business day delivery.
  • You may terminate the Complete Care service by providing XLN with not less than 30 days prior notice.
  • Complete Care shall terminate on termination of the relevant Broadband Service.