Everything you’d get with BT, minus the price tag

We can provide all of the phone network services, call features and add-ons your business needs, but for prices that are up to 25% cheaper than BT’s.

Find out more about the services we can provide below:

Call Barring

This feature lets you prevent certain types of calls from being made by your business – like international or premium-rate calls. It can also restrict certain numbers from calling you.

Call Waiting

If you’re on the phone and another call comes through, you’ll hear a beep letting you know that there’s another call waiting. You can then finish your current call, or carry on with the original call. If you choose the latter, this feature will ask the caller to ring back later, and you can use Call Return 1471 to find their number.

Anonymous Call Rejection

A network-based service that lets you block calls from withheld numbers. Callers who have withheld their number will hear an announcement asking them to redial without withholding the number.

Call Minder

This feature answers calls and records messages if you are unable to answer the phone or the line is busy. Call Minder is like Answer 1571, but has additional features:

  • The ability to answer up to two calls simultaneously and take messages when you are on the phone.
  • Stores up to 30 messages, five minutes per message, 15 minutes total.
  • Notifies you when a message has been recorded by calling your number at 10 minute intervals up to two hours.
  • Remote access to retrieve messages and change any service options.

Call Diversion

Enables you to divert all calls to another number, which can be anywhere in the UK or a mobile phone. You have the option to divert all calls, divert on no reply, or divert when the line is busy.

Caller Display

This will display the number of a person or company that has called your telephone number but note a phone with a display is required in order to benefit from this service.

Three-Way Calling

Speak to two people at the same time with three-way calling.

Choose to Refuse

Allows you to bar the telephone number of the last incoming call. Inputting the access code 14258 followed by ** will activate barring once a call has been terminated, or you can input telephone numbers manually. Up to 10 numbers can be stored, and the eleventh entry will cause the oldest telephone number saved to drop off the list. Callers who have been barred using this service will receive an announcement if they try to call, which they will not be charged for.

Answer 1571

This feature takes messages for you if you’re unable to answer the phone or on another call. Callers can record messages up to two minutes long, and up to 10 messages can be stored. Once you’ve listened to a message, it’s saved for 20 days.

Reminder Call

Set your phone for a single alert or alarm call.

Call Sign

Allows you to distinguish between incoming calls on the same line. An alternative number is provided to your telephone number, and when someone dials the alternative number, the phone on that line will ring with a different rhythm to the normal ring so that you can determine who is calling or who the call is for before you answer.

Call Return

Dial 1471 from your telephone to hear the number of the last person who called, along with the time and date that they made the call. To return the call, just press ‘3’ and the number is automatically dialled.