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Embrace effortless solutions for payment, connectivity, and backup this festive season

Tis the season for unity, and we recognise that seamless operations are paramount for your business during this festive period. Enter the trio of essentials: payment, connectivity, and backup – the key to ensuring your business runs smoothly – whatever the festive pressure. Whether you’re a café owner aiming to enhance customer experiences or a store preparing for increased foot traffic, we’re here with expert tips and tricks to elevate your holiday business game.

Streamline payments with smart terminals

Smart terminals are driven by advanced technology and robust software to ensure a fast and seamless payment experience. Designed to prevent long queues and frustration, they replace outdated countertop systems so you can take payments efficiently and on the go. Moreover, with one-click reporting, these terminals simplify the end-of-day cash-up process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. In effect, this efficient tool allows you to focus on running your business smoothly over the holiday season, allowing your customers to fully immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit, and saving you time at the end of the day to get out and make the most of the season yourself.

Elevate connectivity for a friendly atmosphere

Make your business location even more inviting this Christmas by ensuring a reliable connection for your new smart terminal. With Superfast Full Fibre Broadband, fulfil your customers’ wishes with a connected experience they – and you – can trust. Also consider upgrading to XLN’s award-winning Guest Wi-Fi solution, offering free browsing and straightforward guest registration, to keep your customers connected while protecting your business from any seasonal grinches. Whether you’re in-store or on the move, our Full Fibre Broadband and Cloud Voice bundle ensures your business stays connected anytime, anywhere. Truly, it’s the XLN gift that keeps on giving.

Secure your business with reliable backup

Now that you have a modern payment solution and a dependable connection, fortify your business with a robust backup solution. Say farewell to downtime with 4G Backup – a solution providing speed, flexibility, and assurance this Christmas. If your fixed line experiences a disruption for more than 30 seconds, the 4G connection seamlessly takes over, getting you back online in under a minute. Keep your business the hotspot of the year with uninterrupted service.

There you have it – our gift to you! Don’t go into the holiday season and New Year with last year’s stress. With our comprehensive solutions, gain the confidence to go all out this Christmas, knowing that your customers have a reliable place to turn to this winter. Explore our solutions now and make this holiday season unforgettable for your business.

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