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Business Mobile

Call XLN immediately on 0344 880 7777. We will suspend your SIM card to prevent any unauthorised use and send a replacement SIM.

Your phone number will be allocated at point of sale. You can find this number on your Mobile SIM pack, invoice or online at your MyAccount page.

Alternatively you can find your number in the about section of your handset.

XLN only provides 3G and 4G connectivity to deliver the best speeds and network reliability. For this reason 2G only handsets are not compatible with the XLN network.

Your handset must also be unlocked (SIM free). If you previously purchased your handset via a network please check with them to ensure the device is unlocked.

By default XLN has applied an adult content filter to all SIMs. Give us a call on 0344 880 7777 to have this lifted.

To change bank details please call XLN on 0344 880 6121. If the entity of your business has changed or you have sold the business hence the reason to change bank details, we will walk you through the change of legal entity/ownership process.

Contact XLN on **0344 880 7777 **for details on your remaining monthly data. Alternatively this can be checked via your handset network settings.

All XLN Mobile tariffs allow you to use your UK tariff in any EU country at no extra cost. Once you go outside your allowance, you will be charged your standard UK rate and you will continue to receive alerts for inclusive and out of bundle use.

Roam like home does not include:

  • Calls from the UK to non-roam like home international mobiles and landlines (e.g. a German landline)
  • Calls to non-geographic numbers, as well as premium and MMS services

XLN charge £4.50 per MB of data used in all destinations outside of the UK/EU. For full details on our international call rates please see our mobile price list here.

For security purposes XLN has disabled international roaming. Give us a call on 0344 880 7777 to have this lifted.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want by calling 0344 880 7777. We simply require 30 days’ notice to change your plan.

XLN’s bill cap gives you total control over your monthly spend and ensures you’re never shocked by a bill. It guarantees that you will never pay anything more than your monthly tariff.

To give you complete flexibility we have split our total bill cap across two limits:

  • Limit 1 – UK/EU data
  • Limit 2 – Rest of the World Data, International Calling, Non-geographic calls, MMS and premium services

You may apply individual caps to each limit within £10 increments from £0.00 to £250.00. We will notify you once 80% and 100% of each cap is reached and will automatically suspend services once you hit your limit.

Bill limits automatically reset every bill cycle. Alternatively you can contact our team on 0344 880 7777 to upgrade your data tariff or amend your limits.

All of XLN’s mobile tariffs include unlimited minutes to UK landlines (01, 02, 03) and UK mobiles, excluding Lyca and Lebara.

Out of bundle data is charged at 8p per MB.

For full details please see our mobile price list here.

Debit and credit card payments are processed on the day we receive them, while Giro payments can take up to five working days to get through.

If you're paying by cheque, please write your account number clearly on the back of the cheque and allow five working days for it to reach us.

You can make giro payments at any high street bank, but we strongly recommend that you use a Lloyds Bank branch as this ensures that the payment is transferred without any issues.

In all circumstances, please make sure that you use Giro slips.

Please don't use a Post Office if you're paying by Giro as we have no formal agreement with the Post Office and the payment may not reach us.

Giro payments are not available for Energy.

We prefer payment by Direct Debit, but you can also pay by debit/credit card, cheque or Giro. If you pay by any means other than direct debit, you'll be charged an admin fee of £7.95 per month.

Energy invoices work a bit differently and require a Direct Debit payment, otherwise your charges will be higher. Giro isn't available for Energy.

We send invoices on a monthly basis rather than quarterly to make things easier for our customers to manage.

  • Call 0808 168 6398 to activate your SIM (you will need your XLN account number and new mobile number)
  • Remove your SIM from the credit card style card
  • Ensure you select the correct SIM card size (Standard, Micro or Nano)
  • Turn off your phone and insert your new XLN SIM card
  • Your SIM should be activated within 2 hours. You will also receive your internet settings by text message
  • If you have not received your internet settings, or are having problems making calls after 2 hours, then please contact a member of our trained support team on 0344 880 7777.

Please note, for security purposes, your SIM can only be activated within the UK.

In these extraordinary and challenging times as the world navigates and responds to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we can assure you that you can continue to rely on the essential services provided by XLN to keep your business powered, connected, and up and running.

The government has announced a range of measures to help businesses weather the storm. These measures are unprecedented in scale, available to everyone, and aimed at ensuring no business goes bankrupt because of this crisis. All details of the support available can be accessed here.

We’ve also added an article that we will regularly update, which explains exactly how some of the key relief measures will work. It will also include updates to our own services as and when anything changes. You can access that article here.

Getting in touch

We have amazing teams throughout XLN that are here for you and remain committed to resolving any issues or queries you may have both quickly and efficiently. Our phone lines are live, and our service teams are all connected remotely – doing everything they can to support you.

However, we ask for your patience because they are currently dealing with extraordinarily high call volumes.

Our promise

Small businesses are the heartbeat of our high streets and the heroes of our economy. We will always do everything possible to deliver you the world-class service you deserve. We promise to always respond to you without delay. And if anything's broken, we promise to fix it fast. Our team remains dedicated to keeping you up and running.

You make our lives better every day by baking our bread, cutting our hair, fixing our cars, pouring our pints and so much more. We think it's only right that we do our bit too. So, whatever we can do to ensure the continued smoothness of your services, we are committed to doing.

We will continue to deliver the highest quality of service without compromise in support of Britain's vibrant, independent businesses.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

You can easily request your switching code via SMS. To request a PAC text PAC to 65075. For STACs, text STAC to 75075.

Alternatively call 0344 880 7777 or email the team at service@telecom-service.co.uk. You can also request codes via your online My Account here.

To get your PAC/STAC code, you'll simply need to phone your existing provider. For more info on getting a PAC code from each of the major mobile providers:





Your PAC/STAC code is valid for 30 days – if you haven't presented it to your new provider in 30 days you will have to request a new one. However, we can't transfer numbers on weekends or bank holidays so try to use your code within 26 days. If you don't use your PAC code your service will continue with your old provider and you will continue to be charged.

The cost of switching is calculated on a pro-rata basis, and the cost of switching changes with each day of your contract. Your final charge comprises out-of-bundle charges that have been accrued since your last bill. Therefore, your final bill is based on the day you request a transfer – and if you don't use your PAC or STAC code on that same day, your final bill could increase.

You can request switching information separately to requesting your PAC/STAC code, which will help to explain this in greater detail.

If you submit your request before 5pm on a working day, your number should be transferred the next working day. Requests made after 5pm or on a weekend or bank holiday will be completed within 2 working days.

PAC code stands for Posting Authorisation Code. You need to give your new provider a PAC code in order to transfer your old number to a new provider.

STAC code stands for Switching Termination Authorisation Code. If you wish to switch providers without porting your number, this is the type of code you need.